Kelly Ashley

I’m slowly accepting that sometimes there isn’t a reason why things happen. Sometimes they just happen. I am learning to let go of my shit and live my one wild and wondrous life. Not a reckless life with abandon like there is no tomorrow and not a cautious life filled with somedays. I get to live whatever life I want.

An excerpt from sloanedavidson's beautiful post on medium.

An Omen of Change Proves True


January 30 saw the occurrence of a Black Moon, when there is more than one full moon within a calendar month. (It was also a Supermoon.)

A Black Moon is meant to be an omen of change and I wrote before that 2014 will be a year of clarity and connection.

I am not a very spiritual person, but I certainly agree, as it’s proven true in my life thus far, that everything happens for a reason - even the bad things.

Lately, I really have felt the connection to and between, well, nearly everything.

Call me crazy. Call me optimistic. Call me a hippie. Be skeptical.

But when it happens to you (and 60% of the time it works, every time) it’s freakin’ amazing!

• On January 30, there was snowfall in the area where my Snowboard Instructor boyfriend is working after extreme drought:
The current zodiac sign is Aquarius - symbolized by the water bearer.

• On January 31, my mother is having surgery to replace and restrengthen a hip:
The Chinese year of the horse commences today - the horse is a symbol related to travel and mobility.

In addition to being a year of clarity and connection, 2014 will be a year of change and movement.

Clarity via changes. Connection via movement.

All in line with my thoughts, plans and goals for the year.

It’s no coincidence.

A Year of Clarity and Connection


2013 was a great year.

I had several realizations about my goals and focuses, and started to identify opportunities and relationships with more ease. I began the year in a small beach town in Victoria, Australia and am ending it back in New York City.

Many things went as planned, more did not, and many were/are still confusing.

It was a year of assessment and discovery.

2014 will be a year of clarity and connection.

Clarity about my priorities.

Clarity about my relationships.

Connection to more who share my values and appreciate my perspective.

Here’s to listening to your own voice and fostering communication.

Happy New Year!